Wednesday, March 23, 2011

part B first meeting

Had a meeting with my supervisor on 22/3. This is a brief outline of what I am going to create:

- iPhone app
- Takes in user input (geolocation, rating scale for emotion) upload photos with geolocation/ take a photo and upload directly.
- Gather data into one single flickr account (this will act as a database for collecting photos)
- Present geoAfflictive map in a format of google maps with emotional icons on corresponding geolocation.

For the indication of emotion scale, there are a few different approaches to represent,
e.g. 1. PrEmo
       2. The 9-Point-SAM-Scales

I am thinking of using the 9-Point-SAM-Scale for the measurement of the emotion, since the PrEmo scale requires a lisence, and the 9-Point-SAM-Scale is a reputable method for measuring emotions.

More researches will still need to be done on emotions. The coding of the application will start as soon as possible.