Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update progress

Sorry for the lack of update, I've been too busy with the coding and keep forgetting to update my blog.
The following list of items have been implemented:

  • When a user is not authenticate with flickr
    • they can authenticate with flickr and get a token
      • the token is used to call api methods which requires auth
  • Saving the auth token in NSUserDefaults
  • The upload photos to flickr function,
    • upload by email
    • upload by API
  • Adding geotag while the user presses the upload button.
    • this is done by method call after uploading a photo which returns the photo_id.
  • A map which shows the current user location.

The following items are still not implemented and are on the to-do list:
  • Adding emotions choices for the user to choose from when they upload the photo
    • add a tag for different emotions
  • Creating a map which maps geotagged photos onto it.

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